Hire Our Grads

Benefits of Hiring a Goodwill Graduate

For nearly a 100 years, Goodwill has provided qualified candidates to employers in many industries. Our mission is to help people reach their fullest potential through job training and career pathway services. Through Goodwill, potential employees are pre-screened, trained to industry standards and ready to work.  Once a graduate is hired, our job coaches provide follow-up services to ensure their success.

There may also be tax benefits for hiring a program graduate and supplemental wages.  By hiring a Goodwill graduate, you are employing a qualified candidate, minimizing your expenses and giving someone a second chance.

Save Money

Initial wages and payroll taxes can sometimes be subsidized for a period of time
(depending on the program). Also, employers may be eligible for
a Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Save Time

Our job coaches pre-screen participants for job readiness so an employer can chose from qualified candidates, speeding up the hiring process.

Focus on Success

Goodwill will efficiently and quickly respond to questions an employer may have about the process, or about an employee.

Improve Retention

Goodwill can provide post-employment assistance in the form of job coaching or additional training for some participants. We coordinate these services with the employer to ensure the participant is performing to expectations and succeeding in the workplace.

Who Are Our Graduates?

Our graduates are people in your community. Some have disabilities and are looking for meaningful employment opportunities, others have lost their job due to layoffs and need updated skills to compete in the job market. Or maybe they are underemployed and want to learn a new trade to increase their income.  Even though they may have experienced a multitude of life’s challenges, they have come to Goodwill because they are ready to make the commitment to reach their fullest potential.

Are You Hiring?

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