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We know that choosing the right job with the right employer is an important decision. After all, we spend a lot of time at work and we want it to be the right place. See below to help you determine if Goodwill is the right place for you.

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We think you will be amazed at the job opportunities that are available across our region! We have professional positions in areas like Finance, Information Technology, Case Management, Human Resources and Retail, just to name a few.

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At Goodwill we are guided by our organizational values. WE: Champion Diversity, Act with Integrity & Gratitude, Respect Everyone, Educate & Serve with Compassion, and Strive for Excellence (C.A.R.E.S). This is not just a pretty statement on the employee bulletin board; we really mean it! We know that we inspire confidence in each other, our customers and the mission that we serve by acting according to these values.

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We think it’s pretty great to work for an organization where no matter what job you have – from the CEO to a store cashier – you can take satisfaction in knowing that your work is helping thousands of people every year get training and the support they need to go to work.  That’s a pretty awesome feeling!

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In addition to competitive pay, we offer good benefits in the way of medical, dental, short term disability and life insurance. For families, we offer childcare benefits through WeeCare! We also have a retirement plan and paid time off benefits such as paid holidays, vacation and sick leave.

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We are a winning organization with a great track record, solid plans and a vision for success in the future! Employees have promotional opportunities; in fact last year 184 employees were promoted into better jobs. In addition our mission services provide thousands of people each year with training and employment opportunities for a bright future for them and their families.

All in all, we feel like we’ve got a winning combination!  If you want to join our team, apply for a job at Goodwill of The Olympics & Rainier Region today!

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